Here is your chance to fish with an England World Team member and learn all the new and up to date techniques for a wide variety of species.

Phil Dixon has represented England more than 15 times at all Disciplines Rivers, Small Waters, Reservoirs, World and European.  He has fished all over the word from New Zealand to Slovenia, catching fish on methods that have never been seen in the UK.

If you are looking just to brush up your casting, catching more fish, learning new techniques or anything else, then at the right price Phil is your man.

All of the days and prices are listed below, and hopefully there is something for everyone.  Don't worry if you don't think your tackle is suitable, as all tackle ca be provided.


Small Water Fishing

If you are new to the sport or thinking about giving trout fishing a go or even just fancy catching more fish, then this is the day for you.  You can book Phil for the whole day on any small water you want.  The day will involve all the latest techniques and flies which all the top anglers are using at the moment and everything else needed to improve your fishing.

Rod and leader set up
Knots needed for droppers and flies
Latest techniques and flies
How to approach each water
Everything else you need to know!

£150 per angler*


Reservoir Fishing

This is the next step to every angler moving up from small waters trying to crack the large waters such as Rutland, Blithfield etc.  If you have been struggling to catch or just feel you want to try and don't know where to start, then this is a great package for you.  This day involves everything from starting the boat, setting up in the right places and catching plenty of fish on different methods and flies.

How to set the boat up for drifts/anchor
Where to fish and why
The latest methods used on the lakes by Team England
Boat handling and safe fishing from the boat
Everything else you need to know!

£170 per angler*


River Fishing

Wild fish can be hard to catch but when you have all the latest techniques and the newest patterns from all over the world, then this task becomes that much easier.  Grayling and Trout fishing on rivers is available all year round with great sports to be had, especially in the cold winter months, when everything else is froze over.  Learn the way to read rivers/pools, where the fish will be lying and why, and everything else needed to catch that beautiful wild untouched fish.

Leader and rod setup
Variety methods from dry fly, heavy nymphing, trio, duo, streamers etc
What rods, reels and lines to use and why
Reading the river and understanding the currents
Everything else you need to know!

£100 per angler*


Sea Trout Fishing

This great fish is one of Phil's personal favourites, as the best time to catch them is at night when every other angler is at home missing out.  You wil be fishing prime private stretches and learning everything from how to approach the pool, flies and methods to catch these great fish.  To me the feeling of that pull on your line in the pitch black is unbeatable.

Finding the holding pools (daytime)
Latest techniques and flies
How to wade and fish in the river safely
Everything else you need to know

£120 per angler*


Salmon Fishing

Now here is your chance to catch the King of all fish 'The Salmon'.  You will be fishing a private stretch of waters in the North West of England, with great runs of Salmon giving you the best chance of catching this magnificent fish.  You can use any method you wish from fly, worm, spin and shrimp fishing depending on the water conditions.

Where the best pools are, best lye's etc
How to present your bait/fly properly
Latest techniques and methods
Everything else you need to know!

£150 per angler*


*Special prices can be offered for more than one angler on a single guiding trip


*Prices do not include travel expenses

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