• This is a pair's competition, where each pair fishes together in the same boat.  Placings are determined on the basis of the pairs total weight, including time bonus where applicable.
  • Multiple entries are permitted.  Individuals may enter as many times as they wish, with different partners at different heats.  In addition to their non refundable entry fees, competitors will pay the appropriate fee for boats and/or fishing.
  • There will be at least 50 pairs fishing the final.  Qualifications from heats will be on a pro-rota basis. 
    Where a fishery bag limit applies, each pair are fishing for a double individual limit.  When this has been reached, the pair will return to the boat dock.  Time bonus, where applicable, will be based upon the time that the pair returns to the boat dock.
  • All fishing will be with artificial flies.  The number, spacing and particulars of those flies, are to be as per the fishery rules.  FLIES DO NOT NEED TO CONFORM TO INTERNATIONAL RULES.
  • Unless otherwise determined, all fishing will be undertaken from drifting boats.  The only device permitted to control the drift will be a drogue, and all fishing must be in front of the boat.  Anglers must not cast behind the boat, even to rising fish, and will not permit their flies to be behind the boat whilst they are fishing.  There is no trolling either with oar or engine power.
  • The use of fish finders and other such electronic devices are not permitted on match or practice days.  Competitors are permitted to have their mobile phones on during the match.
  • The hours of fishing are as determined by the organiser.  If the organiser decides that fishing is dangerous, then all boats must immediately cease fishing and proceed as instructed by the fishery staff.
  • All relevant fishery rules will apply, unless otherwise amended within these rules or at the pre-match briefing.
  • Each angler may have a spare rod mounted and ready for use.
  • Accidentally foul hooked fish may be retained and included in the bag of fish to be weighed.
  • Any complaints must be made directly to the organiser within 30 minutes of the match finishing.
  • The organisers decision in regard to any complaints, disputes or breaches of rules shall be final.  Any pair found to be in breach of any rule, shall render themselves liable to a penalty, which may be a disqualification.
  • Only one prize can be won by any pair at amy one heat/final. 
  • Final fishing fees MUST be paid no later than the 1st September. Failure to pay by this date will result in you loosing your place at the grand final. 


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